“The Book of Tea” 「茶の本」

The Book of Tea

「The Book of Tea: 茶の本」は、1906年に岡倉覚三(岡倉天心)によって英文で記された日本文化を紹介するものです.茶道を禅宗、道教、華道との関係から解説し、日本人の美意識や文化について広く述べられた書物です.明治期における日本人が記した英文として意義深いものです.


The book of tea was written in 1906 by Okakura Kakuzo (Tenshin) for his purpose of introducing Japanese culture, his work was written down in English. He aimed to explain the teaism in relate to the Zennism and Taoism, flower arrangement, and he widely depicts the aesthetic mind and culture of Japanese people. It is significant that his work, written in English by Japanese essayist, was completed in the Meiji era.

We translated his writing in order to understand his style of writing. The translation is on our way to its completion, but please have a look and send us “like”, if you enjoyed.

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Chapter i:The cup of humanity


Chapter I-i

TEA began as a medicine…

Chapter I-ii

Why not amuse yourselves at our expense?

Chapter I-iii

The earliest record of tea in European…

chapter ii:the schools of tea


Chapter II-i

TEA is a work of art…

Chapter II-ii

THE fourth chapter is devoted to…

Chapter II-iii

THE tea-ideal of the Sungs differed from…

Chapter iii: Taoism and Zennism


Chapter III-i

THE connection of Zennism with tea is…

Chapter III-ii

THE germ of Taoist speculation may be found…

Chapter III-iii

BUT the chief contribution of Taoism to Asiatic life has been…

chapter iv: the tea-room


Chapter IV-i

TO European architects brought up to…

Chapter IV-ii

THE simplicity and purism of the tea-room resulted from…

Chapter IV-iii

THE name, Adobe of Fancy, implies…

Chapter v:Art appreciation


Chapter V-i

HAVE you heard…

Chapter V-ii

TO the sympathetic a masterpiece becomes…

Chapter V-iii

ONE is reminded in…

Chapter VI: Flower

Chapter VI-i

IN the trembling grey of…

Chapter VI-ii

WHY were the flowers born so beautiful…

Chapter VI-iii

WHEN a tea-master has arranged…

Chapter VII: Tea-Masters

Chapter VII

IN religion the Future is…

翻訳の底本:Okakura Kakuzo“The Book of Tea”, New York, Fox Duffield & Company, 1906, First Edition


A copyright of its original text has expired in Japan.

Translator: Goro/吾郎


“The Book of Tea” is translated by our chief manager, Goro.