Does the scorpion venom make us dream bright side of Electric vehicle?

Venomous Expect

There are a few things I am curious about. According to the requirement of world society, the internal combustion engines are got rid of as unfit cars these days. As a way of dealing with the environmental issues, I personally think that this is owing to an unavoidable circumstance. However, what worries me is that by this situation suggest that the delight of driving a petrol-powered car may be lost forever. Would I forget the rapturous moment, when throttling an engine the tachometer jumps up high revolution and my sensation when the engine cries with joy? Would I lose memories of the excitement that car and myself accelerates together continuously?

I love the way I insert a key in dashboard and set a starter, then wakes up my partner. For me, it is a bit boring only to push a button, which is quite an easy though. This ritual of starting an engine may gradually fades away, like the sadness that coloured leaves fall from their branch, apart from some automobile manufacturer. But we take for granted that from the tree branch there sprouts young leaves. We are looking forward to see future sprouts. This time, I would like to write about a one of new leaves.

There is an automobile manufacturer in Italy called FIAT. the car maker also known for building “Cinquecento”. We also call it 500 as well. FIAT announced that they produced the brand-new 500. It is a pure electric vehicle. The design very resembles with former 500. I believe that their policy of A segment city car does not change by comparing the width and length of former one and the new one. It is a bit wider and longer than previous model. The body colours shown us were sensual deep navy, pearly shiny sky-blue and sparkling blossom of rose, etcetera. They are all my favourite colours. I am relieved to see its tender design by contrast to the modern car design of sharp gaze like front light, gigantic grill and insensitive angular shape. The new 500 remains coupé! Good-looking car is essential to our mentality. Needless to say that comfy seat, seat position easy to adjust my body are important for me, but I do not care for an ottoman, nor do I need table and television. All I want is just cupholders and battery charging equipment for smartphone, and cruise control. I think that the new 500 is matured and well sophisticated with its price. She is a chic as a whole. My taste for car fit nicely with the electrified 500 in this point of view. I fancy driving a tiny briskly nimble cars. The former one had these characteristics(I will not write about the primary 500 which is known as the car that grandson of Arsène Lupin drove in the japanese film). Cinquecento novantacinque; 595 by Abarth & C. S.p.A has been a spectacularly awesome car. I love the lowest rumbling noise like the stomach groans when drinking down a cup of cooled milk, the machine accelerates with incurable pressure of sounds. The car reminds me of the sense that makes me feel the harmony and unity when changing gears roughly, which share the same perception with us who are naturally brutal, and feels like that the machine car controls its fuel injection system with boldness.

Perhaps I cannot help thinking that the debut of new 500 suggests that Abarth will produce its high performance version of the 500 in the future. But, in order to unleash the power, the more batteries are needed. The more batteries it contains the more weight it has. The lightness gives advantage of driving performance. If it weighs too much, all the goodness of 500 would be spoiled. Internal combustion engine cannot be applied so far. How will they try to modify the vehicle? I must confess that there are a few pessimism in my mind though I am almost looking forward to see the electrified version. There is also an anxiety that my expectation will not come true. If the product will be announced and introduced to Japan, Would the driving pleasure of EV be nice as well as that of petrol vehicle? The one thing, the overwhelming acceleration due to the EV, which can be easily imagined. However, I am not sure about the lingering sensation, which I expect, when stepping on the accelerator.

The symbol of Abarth is the scorpion. Owners and enthusiasts happily speaks “I got poisoned”, The harshness of machine compares with a poison of scorpion. The venom brings us pleasant effects by revving up the rpm with low gear, or groaning sound of idling like troubled intestine. These are our honour to the glories of motorsport legend. So, we would be unhealthily detoxed if these turn to the sound of silence. Otherwise, there might be another venomous effect that is brought by electrification. Is that a new poison that makes us to think we would not need any petrol engines. If it may be true, that would be nice. Polar bears living on the thin ice would also agree with me. It is not true to say that I have no anxiety with electrified vehicle, but I am also expecting the new wave coming with new stimulant. If it is spicy as the Japanese pepper, which is pungent and lingering aroma sprouts in the spring, that must be superb.

I wish that some works which make me think to own someday will arrive in the world.

Thank you for reading so far.